Yawuru Youth Forums

“Yagarrmaburlanjin wangalangu majanggula” 

2016 Broome Indigenous Youth Forum

Youth forum 2016

In 2016, young Indigenous people in Broome wanted to run the Youth Forum the way they wanted and they called it yagarrmaburlanjin wangalangu majanggula, (‘young people coming together’).

everyone worked together at the Youth Forum in 2016

They targeted individuals who were already active, and found other young people who were keen. Some of them had never been to a ‘conference’ and had no experience, so a facilitation course skilled up a number of leaders.  In the end there were 46 people aged 12 – 30 who were all really committed to putting our ideas into action. Everyone wanted to have ownership of the outcomes.

The atmosphere was really buzzing with people from different backgrounds and life experiences; they made their own ground rules and everyone worked with each other really easily.


‘Unpacking the issues’ was challenging. Serious subjects were tackled including domestic violence, suicide and substance abuse. To have young men speaking openly and with integrity about the problems and the solutions was powerful and will lead to real change for community.  Ceremony and cultural protocols closed the day to ensure liyan was good when everyone went home.

Local agencies presented at the Youth forum in 2016

The second day identified  solutions for the issues raised on Day 1. Agencies and  experts came in to help, but the young people made sure they found their own pathways  using music and painting as well as talking. People were thinking outside the square and having fun!

The end result was a number of Action Plans that are beginning to be developed and rolled out.  Keep an eye out ideas in that were first developed in that room, like Midnight Basketball which ran its first comp in late 2016.


2012 Yawuru Youth Forum

Yawuru Youth Forum - 2012

In September 2012 the successful Yawuru Youth Forum was hosted by NBY.

The Forum was launched with a ½ day bus tour led by Pat Dodson, Peter Yu, Jimmy Edgar and Deb Pigram. The tour enhanced participants understanding of Yawuru culture, society and history within the context of the wider Broome story. It also provided participants with an understanding of the details of the Yawuru Native Title Global Agreement.  The rest of the day included presentations about the Yawuru Cultural Management Plan, The Common Gates Exhibition and Yawuru/NBY Corporate Structure Overview.

Young Yawuru leaders, Nini Mills and Bart Pigram facilitated Day 2 and focused on research which explored Yawuru youth issues, interests and priorities.  Workshop sessions were conducted to develop a Yawuru Youth Policy Framework. Participants nominated 12 people as members of the Yawuru Youth Steering Committee,  responsible for guiding the development of a Yawuru Youth Development Policy and various strategies within it (as identified by the larger group during this forum).

Yawuru dancer and language teacher, Dalisa Pigram, was the guest speaker at the presentation night to acknowledge the Yawuru Youth Steering Committee representatives. She rounded off the event with a fantastic speech which included lots of personal development advice to the youth group.