Yawuru Youth Steering Committee
Yawuru Youth Steering Committee mbers meeting with ICEA - Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness in February 2013

Yawuru Youth Steering Committee members meeting with ICEA – Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness in February 2013

In May 2012 Nyamba Buru Yawuru conducted research workshops with Yawuru Youth aged between 18-30 years of age. The aim was to gather vital information from Yawuru young people about current issues facing youth in Broome and the quality of services provided. The workshops also looked into the barriers that Yawuru youth faced in fulfilling their potential in training and education, employment and career pathways and maintaining Yawuru Culture and Language.

The information gathered from the research workshops identified 7 components that appealed to Yawuru youth;

  • Mentoring
  • Yawuru Culture & Language (Culture is the Foundation to our Identity)
  • Education & Training (Getting Real Qualifications)
  • Employment (Creating Career Pathways)
  • Leadership Development
  • Health– Physical, Social & Emotional (Staying strong inside & out – MABU LIYAN)
  • Community Development

Following on from the Youth Research that was conducted in May 2012, NBY held a Yawuru Youth Forum on Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th of September. This was followed by a Presentation Night on Friday 14th of September.

You can read more about the 2012 Yawuru Youth Forum here

Priorities for Yawuru Youth

In September 2012 these 7 components were then prioritised during the Inaugural Yawuru Youth Forum which held 32 Yawuru people aged between 18-30 years over 2 days. It was made clear by the youth group that strategies that focus on individual’s identity and wellbeing should be made a priority, after recognising that young people cannot develop into leaders unless they have strong liyan, a strong sense of cultural identity and that they are mentally and physically healthy. This is reflected in the priority policy components – Priority 1 Yawuru Culture & Language, Priority 2 Health

  1. 28% Yawuru Culture & Language (Culture is the Foundation to our Identity)
  2. 24% Health-Physical, Social & Emotional (Staying strong inside & out – Mabu Liyan)
  3. 16% Education & Training (Getting real qualifications)

Yawuru Youth Steering Committee Meetings

The first meeting of the committee focused primarily on priority component #1- Yawuru Culture and Language. It is obvious that NBY through the CE/Youth Development Project Officer would be responsible for addressing this component having the Native Title Global Agreement, Yawuru culture and language resources, historical information and immediate contact with Traditional Owners, Elders and Law Bosses.

On Country Trips

The committee decided that ‘On Country’ Cultural trips would be the most suitable and efficient method of learning about culture and connection to country. We acknowledge the fact that a lot of cultural practices need to be strengthened. We strongly felt that through the Yawuru Youth Development Plan that we must improve this situation.

Due to unfortunate weather conditions and recent passing of one of our most respected elders, the ‘On Country’ Cultural Learning Trip has not yet been launched. The project has been approved by the Yawuru PBC and a new date has been set by the YYSC to see the first trip finally occur in late August 2013. The trip will be coordinated by NBY’s Youth Development Project Officer and will engage Senior Law Bosses and respected elders (men and women) to provide the cultural knowledge.