Yawuru is celebrating the Dedication by the Commonwealth Government of the Yawuru Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) on Tuesday 22nd of August.

The Yawuru IPA is a area of 200,522 ha including the Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park, the Birragun Conservation Park and culturally and ecologically significant areas of the Roebuck Plains pastoral station.

After agreement with landowning partners, the area has been Dedicated by the Government and included in the National Reserve System. It is managed by the Yawuru Country Managers (Rangers) to achieve long term protection of ecological and cultural values.

At the event Yawuru Leaders and Country Managers will showcase the unique model of the IPA over significant cultural and environmental areas within the viable cattle business of Roebuck Plains Station. Country Managers will take tours and talk about their work protecting some of significant springs and wetlands.

Dean Mathews, senior Yawuru NBY staff member said “The event will celebrate the IPA and allow us to share the value of the country with our community and visitors.  We will showcase our plans and activities about managing and monitoring our country. We are already seeing rehabilitation on wetland areas with animals and vegetation returning to our country in abundance.

“We have been working towards this day for many years so it makes us very happy to see the plan being launched and put into action. Yawuru will celebrate the event with a Nurlu which is the revival of a traditional dance and invite the community and stakeholders to come and share with us and see the work we’re doing on country.”

The Yawuru IPA, like other IPAs across the country, has provided benefits to the Yawuru Country Managers by providing employment and education in land management.  It also enhances cultural pride through working with senior Yawuru people to apply traditional knowledge with western science for the best land management results.”