Wubagarra Jayida (our children) Yawuru under 18 population survey

The Yawuru under 18 population survey

NBY’s Community Development Unit wants to find out how we can improve future opportunities for our young people. We know that Yawuru have a very young population and most of our community is aged under 18.

If you are a parent or carer of a child under 18, you can help us by filling in this online survey.

This information is important and will help us to understand what our young people need and want now and as they grow older.

The information from this survey will be kept safe and your privacy will be maintained.


For more information, please contact: Clare McLean on 9192 9600 or clare.mclean@yawuru.org.au  or  Margy Dia on 9192 9699 or margy.dia@yawuru.org.au