About Nyamba Buru Yawuru
Yawuru - Country

Looking towards Rubibi (Broome) from Kunin. Source Sarah Yu


Since the Global Agreement was registered on 6 August 2010, Yawuru has been busy building our organisational capacity through the Nyamba Buru Yawuru company structure. From an original rented office of 5 staff in Barker Street, Broome staff numbers grew to 30 and soon spread over three other rental office locations before moving to our own premises under one roof in Reid Road, Broome in March 2013.

The Yawuru organisational structure reflects the features and underlying philosophy of the Yawuru Global Agreement. Yawuru and non Yawuru people have been recruited for their expertise and potential to undertake various roles and responsibilities including; supporting Yawuru decision making, managing Yawuru Country, providing a range of programs and services to assist and strengthen our community, property development, Yawuru language services, managing third party development applications on Yawuru Country, communications, financial management, investment and commercial development and community and individual capacity building.

A fundamental part of Yawuru’s organisational responsibility is to constantly engage the Yawuru community in each aspect of Yawuru’s work. This is done through community forums, local indigenous radio, community consultation, newsletters, social events, and use of cultural advisors and monitors.