Environmental Services for Yawuru Protected Areas

Environmental Services supports Yawuru Knowing Our Country in the Yawuru Knowledge System.

The key strategies for Land and Sea are:

  • To develop programs for the protection of the cultural and biodiversity values of Yawuru land and sea country
  • Training and employment programs for Yawuru Country Managers
  • To collaborate with researchers and research institutions

Yawuru Conservation Estate


The Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park and the Birragun

Conservation Park areas.

Declared October 2016 and jointly managed by Yawuru and

the Department of Parks and Wildlife.


Joint Management and the Yawuru Park Council

Yawuru are committed to managing our country. The principles of connectivity between our marine and terrestrial environments is critical. The creation of the Yawuru conservation estate  comprises a 100 kilometre long coastal park, taking in practically the entire Yawuru coastline, the intertidal area in Roebuck Bay and the Nagulagun Roebuck bay Marine Park.

Yawuru and the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife work together managing the land and waters within the Yawuru Conservation Estate.

The management plans in place are for the two declared Conservation Parks with plans in development for the rest of the Estate.

The Yawuru Park Council, chaired by Yawuru, is made up of our joint management partners, Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPW) and the Shire of Broome, (SoB). It has management responsibility for the conservation estate.

 Click for details of the Birragun Conservation Park Management Plan


Click for details of the Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Conservation Park Management Plan


The comprehensive Yawuru Cultural Management Plan (YCMP) has won State and National landscape awards and is widely recognised as setting a benchmark of excellence in Aboriginal land management design. The Yawuru cultural values and knowledge set out in the YCMP are inherent in the four management plans developed jointly for the conservation parks, and in the cultural and conservation management of other parts of Yawuru country.


Yawuru Country Managers

Yawuru employs five  Country Managers who work in the Yawuru Indigenous Protected Area and care for country.

They collaborate with the DPAW Yawuru Rangers across the Yawuru Conservation Estate.  Not only do the Country Managers undertake land management work but they also participate in cultural projects such as Nurlu throughout Yawuru country.

The Country Managers are working on their Cert IV in Conservation and Land Management to increase their skills in a range of areas from fencing to GIS mapping, research and engaging with the local community.

Yawuru Ranger Program

Yawuru - DEC Yawuru Joint Management Office Opening  Yawuru Ranger Program has been established in partnership with the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife to ensure that Yawuru people are trained and employed to look after country into the future.

These land and sea Rangers work for DPAW and perform land and sea management services for the Park Council partners.


Yawuru and Dept Parks and Wildlife joint management rangers 20 May 2011

Yawuru Indigenous Protected Area

The Dedication of the Yawuru Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) was accepted by the Federal government in February 2017.  In addition to the joint management conservation estate Yawuru have a Plan of Management for the IPA.  An IPA is a defined area of land or sea which is managed for cultural biodiversity and conservation. The IPA is based on Yawuru people’s obligations to care for and protect their lands and waters for present and future generations and will ensure that sound Yawuru cultural and conservation management is coordinated across all our country.The Yawuru IPA covers the significant wetlands and springs on Roebuck Plains station, as well as important cultural grounds at Kunin and Kennedy Hill. It joins with and overlaps large portions of the Yawuru/DPW conservation estate, including the Roebuck Bay intertidal zone and the Marine Park. A Yawuru country managers group are working with researchers on the IPA and the Conservation estate and combining cultural knowledge with western science for the sustainable management of these lands and seas. Yawuru continue to work in collaboration with key partners such as the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC), DPW, Fire & Emergency Services.

The YCMP  provides ongoing guidance to Yawuru country managers and non Yawuru partners for the IPA.