Housing was identified by Yawuru as a major priority during the native title negotiations, and subsequently NBY has engaged in extensive investigation, consultation and implementation processes to enhance housing availability and affordability for Yawuru..

In 2011, Yawuru commissioned the most comprehensive Indigenous demographic study ever undertaken in an urban setting. This provided Yawuru with a critical data set and an analysis of Yawuru housing needs in Broome, which in turn informed the development of NBY’s long term housing plans.

Since then a number of Yawuru families have been allocated Yawuru homes through Yawuru’s social housing and rental relief schemes. NBY are working towards securing greater government investment in our housing programs to ensure that Yawuru families can increasingly be assisted in renting and purchasing homes.

Our goal for Yawuru housing is to develop a Yawuru Housing Policy, encompassing Social Housing and Home Ownership programs, with the aim of providing accessible housing for Yawuru people.