Protocols “Welcome & Respect”
Jimmy Edgar doing Welcome

Jimmy Edgar giving Welcome to Country

Yawuru Protocols (Listen to Yawuru People)

The Yawuru people, as native title holders of the land and sea in and around Broome, have a responsibility to protect, promote and sustain law and culture that has come to us from Bugarrigarra. Yawuru people follow the law of Bugarrigarra, an oral account of our origins and responsibilities that has been passed on by our ancestors.

The following set of Yawuru Protocols is instrumental in maintaining a vibrant and healthy relationship with our Country and protecting people from harm.

1. Guiding Principle: Show respect and Ask First

2. Adherence to the Guiding Principle in the 21st Century: Welcome to Country

3. Commercial development and other activities in Yawuru Country:

i) Functions and events:

Persons or organisations wishing to hold a major function or event on Yawuru Country should consult with Yawuru PBC and take note of the Function and Event Protocol. An advance application specifying location and duration of the event should be made to the Yawuru PBC. If the location and duration are acceptable, permission will be given on condition that the venue is cleaned after the event and any damage repaired. Contact NBY Offices

ii) Filming and commercial photography

Parties wishing to film or photograph Yawuru Country for profit should seek permission from the Yawuru PBC and reach an agreement under which these activities may be conducted and the material used. A schedule detailing locations must be included in the application. After permission has been given, Yawuru PBC will appoint at least one Cultural Advisor to assist at the expense of the visiting party.

iii) Research in Yawuru Country

Researchers should provide details of the proposed study to the Prescribed Body Corporate prior to beginning their research. The proposal should include the purpose of the research, timeframe and locations, the number of people involved and a clear description of methodology. Findings from the research should be made available in full to Yawuru PBC for review and any matter deemed ‘unsuitable for public’ view omitted from publication. Copies of all research should be deposited with the PBC.

iv) Language in Yawuru Country

If you want to use Yawuru words, phrases and sentences in the public domain, e.g. on signs and plaques, in books, pamphlets and other publications or for naming programs, venues, buildings, etc you need to get permission. Mabu Yawuru Ngan-ga, the Yawuru Language Centre, can handle simple requests. Put your request in writing and email it to:  

Welcoming new citizens

Yawuru participates in new citizenship ceremonies conducted by the Shire of Broome by welcoming the new citizens to Yawuru Country and presenting them with a certificate.

Citizenship ceremony 2012

Yawuru Elder Madge Yu presenting Nicola Bell with a certificate in May 2012 (Photo courtesy Shire of Broome)


2013 Citizenship ceremony participants and Yawuru Traditional Owners —  at Town Beach, Broome, Western Australia.(Photo courtesy Shire of Broome)

2013 Citizenship ceremony participants and Yawuru Traditional Owners — at Town Beach, Broome, Western Australia.(Photo courtesy Shire of Broome)