Doing Business with Yawuru

Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd is the operating arm of the Yawuru Private Body Corporate, which holds native title in trust for the Yawuru community.  As the operating arm of the Yawuru PBC, NBY’s investments cross a range of industries to allow for diversified and agile investment.

The vision of NBY is to create and grow Yawuru assets and investments to make sure that

the Yawuru community has sustainable sources of income for future generations.

NBY is also a registered charity, listed on the ACNC. As a not for profit entity, NBY involved in developing projects and enterprises which capitalise on Kimberley industries that have a strong base in the country and people, including agribusiness and property development.

NBY also supports the growth in the Kimberley tourism market, including cultural heritage connecting the Yawuru community to broader story of Broome and the Kimberley.


NBY has a broad slate of diversified investments in a range of property development and business opportunities for the benefit of all Yawuru community members.

Current investment areas include pastoral industries at Roebuck Plains Station, commercial property developments and residential property investments such as the Man-gala apartments and the Birragun Buru land release.

NBY is also exploring other investment areas including tourism products and services, diversified pastoral industry supplies and service delivery for other industries.

Community Investment

Income is balanced against Yawuru’s community and cultural obligations that sustains the Yawuru people and supports its land management, language, heritage and social commitments.

Projects that have already built credibility and value for the company and the region include the Lustre Pearling exhibition, currently touring the country from the WA Maritime Museum and the Jetty to Jetty Heritage Trail; an award-winning tourism experience delivered via mobile app,  and including street furniture and a high quality coffee table book.


Through investment across these diverse markets, NBY ensures sustainability over generations to come.  NBY’s investments ensure Yawuru people are empowered, educated and have the ability to reach their full potential as constructive and creative community members who have the support of their culture and heritage behind them.

Investment outcomes.

Investment is put back into the support and development of the Yawuru community, directly benefiting Yawuru people, and benefiting the broader community of Broome and the Kimberley region.

These outcomes include sophisticated land management undertaken by trained and experienced Yawuru Country Managers and Rangers and investment in pastoral industry workers and station hands.   Housing and support for Yawuru families in important for the future as is support of youth through the ‘encouraging excellence fund’.  The elderly and families are through supported housing too.

Cultural maintenance and language revival through Yawuru programs including Nurlu (songlines), Mangara (archives and artefacts) and the language in schools program is the bedrock of ensuring cultural continuity.

For more information please contact the Manager Property & Investment on +61 (08) 9192 9600 or email