Yawuru Native Title Agreement


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Signing ceremony for the 2010 Yawuru Agreements. (Micklo Corpus, Vicki McKenna , Susan Edgar, Patrick Dodson and the WA Attorney General Christian Porter)

Following the Yawuru native title determinations, Yawuru negotiated the Yawuru Agreements with the Western Australian Government.

The Yawuru Agreements include two Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs) – The Yawuru Area Agreement and the Yawuru Prescribed Body Corporate Agreement.

The Yawuru Agreements were officially registered by the National Native Title Tribunal on 6 August 2010. The signatories to the Agreements are the State of Western Australia, the Shire of Broome and the Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation.

The Yawuru Agreement provides an opportunity for Yawuru to influence the future development of Broome, where Yawuru have opportunities in this development and can continue to safeguard Yawuru culture, way of life and strengthen our identity.

Yawuru community members at the event for the registration of the 2010 Yawuru Agreements

Yawuru community members at the ceremony event for the registration of the 2010 Yawuru Agreements

The Yawuru Agreements also sets up conservation areas along the coastal sand dune systems and a jointly managed marine park covering much of Roebuck Bay. The Agreement package includes land for future developments by Yawuru for residential and commercial purposes, and some financial benefits to facilitate the Yawuru Corporation and community development programs.

The Yawuru Native Title Holders vote at the Authorisation meeting for the Yawuru Global Agreement, 2009.

Yawuru native title holders vote at the authorisation meeting for the Yawuru Agreements in 2009.