Yawuru Knowledge Systems

Yawuru is committed to using the most effective methods and technology to meet our responsibilities to protect our Country and heritage and to rebuild the Yawuru community. The capacity for Yawuru to record, store, retrieve and apply our knowledge is critical to how we plan and engage our community, governments, the Shire of Broome, and third party developers.

Yawuru is storing and mapping our knowledge through a traditionally-based integrated approach that links three areas of knowledge.

The first involves collating data and information concerning our heritage. This is collected through ethnographic and archaeological reports, photographs and film,  oral histories and testimonies and archival records. We call this Knowing Our Story.

The second is knowledge about our physical environment. We incorporate both Yawuru and western scientific knowledge for Knowing Our Country.

The third is knowledge on Yawuru society.  We draw on demographic and socioeconomic data  to enable sustainable planning and investment into community development and rebuilding. This area of knowledge reflects Knowing Our Community.