Our Culture

Yawuru - BROYA Inside Cover

Our Culture, represents Yawuru knowledge about our country, and provides some cultural information to better understand Yawuru people and how they wish to look after their country. The information here is framed around the fundamental tenets of Yawuru native title. Our native title, whilst found in western law, is grounded in the all-encompassing power and richness of Bugarrigarra and the interdependent elements that flow from that – Community, Country and Law. Bugarrigarra is the core of Yawuru cosmology and our experience of Liyan is essential to our wellbeing, how we feel for our country and relate to other people.

Bugarrigarra is the time before time, when the creative forces shaped and gave meaning to the landscape, putting the languages in the country for the people to use, and creating protocols and laws for living within this environment and amongst others.

Our relationship to our country is at the heart of our cultural responsibilities. Liyan is the term we use to explain our feelings and our sense of being, we hold it inside us but it gets expressed through our words and behaviour. Good liyan comes from our connection to our country and being in our country. It underpins our attitudes to our way of life and respect for ancestors; it is reflected in our sense of belonging to Yawuru society. Good liyan expresses our emotional strength, dignity and pride – our well being.