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Yawuru Corporate Group Strategic Pan

2016 – 2020

The plan is a well considered document that reflects the aspirations of the Yawuru Corporate Group to succeed in a range of areas whether it be economic, cultural, in governance, land management or language revival.  Everything we do is underpinned with understanding of the value of liyan which is reflected in the purpose statement ‘Making mabu liyan real for all, always”.

You can download a pocket version of our plan here 

Purpose Statement

“Making mabu liyan real for all, always”

People, land, culture, prosperity


Mission Statement

The Mission Statement[1] of the Yawuru Corporate Group is:-

The Yawuru PBC holds the Yawuru Native Title rights and interests and the Corporate Group carries out tasks to provide for the long-term wellbeing of Yawuru people.

The Yawuru corporations do this through respect and active maintenance of Language, Law and Culture; through prudent investment in such matters as land development and businesses or other income generating activities; and through investment in health, housing and education.

The work of the Yawuru corporations to create and grow Yawuru Equity will enable Yawuru people to be active participants and contributors, as well as beneficiaries, of sustainable economic, cultural and social practices, so that they can care for and enjoy their land, values and culture in perpetuity, while enhancing families and the community in which they live.

[1] A Mission Statement is a statement of what the organisation does and how it does it, and answers the question “What are we here to do?”

Vision Statement

The Vision of Yawuru society in 10 to 20 years’ time, which the Yawuru Corporate Group is committed to working towards, is:-

The Yawuru community supports individual and family aspirations while being firmly rooted in the Bugarrigarra so that customary law and practice is a living part of family life and celebration.

The Yawuru community is an inclusive community that incorporates and enhances traditional Broome values of inclusiveness, hospitality and friendship. The Yawuru community believes that benefits flowing from the Native Title determination, while allowing rewards for personal endeavour, should always flow to the benefit of the community as a whole.

The Yawuru corporations invest to work for these aspirations and to build a Yawuru economy where families seek and have ongoing opportunities for employment and business.



The Values[1] of the Yawuru corporate group are:-

Mabu Liyan – that business is conducted with a clear heart, and an open and honest but respectful behaviour, incorporating integrity and transparency; that issues outside the Yawuru sphere are dealt with outside and not brought in to affect Yawuru business.

Country as Foundation – recognition in business, policy and strategy that country is the foundation; that proper respect for land will be recognised and maintained; that if you look after Country it will look after you.

Culture is knowledge – that from the Bugarrigarra comes knowledge of right and wrong, transparency, accountability, acceptance of responsibility, and the depth of knowledge as to how business is conducted in culturally appropriate ways.

Build for the Future – that all business, policy, practice and direction should be conducted for the sustainability of Yawuru society and culture in perpetuity and the building of Yawuru Equity and to create mabu liyan (positive Yawuru wellbeing); that short term gain is only appropriate if they actually build long-term outcomes.

Together, not individually – in accordance with the values upheld during the struggle to achieve Yawuru Native Title determination, recognition that the Yawuru Corporate Group is about the whole, and while recognising individuals and families is important, decisions are taken for the benefit of all and not for individual segments of Yawuru society.

Individual and corporate responsibility and accountability – that while the corporations are accountable to Yawuru people, Yawuru individuals are also aware of their responsibility, commitment and avoidance of self-interest in working for the benefit of the whole Yawuru community.

[1] Organisational Values are a statement of how its members, management and employees will conduct themselves in the fulfilment of the Mission and is a statement of “how we do it here”.


Goals and Objectives

The Goals and Objectives of the Yawuru Corporate Group have been formulated after consideration of the key strategic issues and are:-

  1. To keep the Yawuru community informed, engaged and united to empower effective Yawuru decision making;
  2. To actively monitor the external environment to understand the issues and opportunities relevant to the success of the Yawuru Corporate Group;
  3. To create and implement programs and policies that will preserve and nurture Yawuru Language, Law and Culture;
  4. To create and implement transparent policies about the investment of assets and resources, and allocate resources and use of income to fulfil the Mission;
  1. To identify and implement an approach of short-term, medium-term, and long-term benefits for Yawuru people;
  1. To support both the PBC and the NBY Boards with tailored professional development so that they can be effective and collaborate in the fulfilment of the common Mission;
  2. To invest prudently in land development and other investments, so as to generate an income stream to fulfil the Mission;
  3. To resource corporate development through effective human resource planning and management, so that the Yawuru corporations enjoys a reputation as a desired place to work in Broome;
  4. To continually seek training and employment opportunities for Yawuru people in development activities, joint ventures and business dealings with third parties;
  5. To ensure that Yawuru operations, programs and policies, engage and proactively seek collaboration with other Indigenous organisations and relevant stakeholders; and
  6. To keep the wider community of Broome informed about and engaged with Yawuru, and the benefits that Yawuru’s development brings to Broome.