The 2017 Yawuru PBC AGM

The Yawuru PBC AGM was held on 16 November 2017.   It was great to see members of the community come to hear  about the activities of the PBC and to show an interest in the work and directions undertaken by NBY to increase prosperity for the future of the community.

We congratulate Mr Francis “Lulga” Djiagween, Mr Thomas “Unda” Edgar and Senator Patrick Dodson who were re-confirmed as Law Boss representatives for another term (3 years).


We also congratulate Dean Mathews and Philip Matsumoto who were were re-elected to the PBC Board for a term of 3 years and Helen Lawrence who was elected for a term of 1 year.

You can download the Annual Report here  and get an insight into the activities and achievements of the Yawuru community and NBY throughout the year.